Did you know? Water Facts!

Did you know: 70% of the earth is covered by water and comes in many forms. Visualize water as a stream, river, ocean, steam, or ice nourishing the earth.

Did you know: Water has a predictable and resilient cycle that distributes fresh water across the earth and supports all living things. 

Did you know: Water affects the temperature of the earth and protects us from overheating or freezing. 

Did you know: A rainbow is the reflection of the sun’s light on droplets of water?

Did you know: The sun and heat turn water on the surface of the Earth into vapor that rises high up into the sky where the air is very cold. When the vapor comes into contact with the cold air, it turns back into water and falls to the Earth in many forms of precipitation (e.g., rain, snow, hail) which then sustains all of the earth’s living organisms. 

Did you know: The water cycle offers the earth different forms of purified, clean water. Water sustains us and we can help sustain it. We are all connected by water! 

Did you know: Our bodies and the earth use the same resources for healing and resilience?

Just like the earth, our body is made up of approximately 70 percent water!

Did you know: Just like the earth, water goes through a cycle to heal and nourish our bodies which makes us resilient. For a moment, think of the flow of water as it moves throughout your body. It fills us with oxygen and nutrients in a beautiful consistent cycle beneath our skin, to all of the parts of our body.

Did you know: YOU are like water!

Like water, humans can change course and direction, finding new ways in life. 

Just like water, a person can be a source of life for others, supporting them with his or her love. 

Like a drop of water, a person can influence his or her environment, even if this influence is invisible at first glance. 

A person, like water, can be resilient and enduring, overcoming obstacles on its way. 

Human life can resemble a journey through stormy waters, where it is important to maintain balance and stability. 

A person, like water, has powerful energy that can be used for movement and creativity.

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