Kapitoshka the water drop: The adventure of the water cycle

Once upon a time there was a drop in the sea. It was round, transparent and cold. 

“Hello, little one,” said the Sun, warming it with its rays. 

“Hello,” the droplet replied and suddenly noticed that it was becoming invisible and rising upwards. 

Once, in the sky, the droplet turned into a steam cloud. 

It was very cold up there and she turned back into a droplet. 

All around her she saw many other drops just like it. They all gathered in a circle and formed clouds. 

The droplet got bigger, heavier, and could no longer stay in the cloud and fell back to the earth in the form of rain.

After the drop fell to the ground, she went on amazing journey where she started in a stream. The stream then merged  into the river and then the river fed into the ocean. 

The sun shone its magic ray on the droplet again and asked: “Do you want me to turn you into steam again and you will come up to the sky to join me?” 

Kapitoshka was delighted and easily flew up into the sky. Thousands of her little droplet friends  gathered together to create a big white cloud. Together, they would decide to go back to the earth again in the form of rain, fog or snow.

This is the way Kapitoshka traveled, and it is called the water cycle in nature.

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